Simplifying diabetes for Indian Lifestyle

Created for Indian lifestyle, an app that empowers you to take complete control of your diabetes. Log sugar, BP, exercise, find food choices and recipes, also stay on track with your medicines and buy discounted diabetes-related products.

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Holistic Diabetes management

Easiest and simplest way to take complete control of your diabetes.

100s of diabetic-friendly recipes

Delicious recipes well-suited for diabetic living, using local produce and traditional cooking methods.

Simply and Honestly Indian

From food choices to exercises to routines, every aspect is built keeping in mind the Indian lifestyle.

Get the support you need

Our qualified dieticians and diabetic educators provide live consultations and all the help you need in terms of diet, exercise & anything you need to achieve your health goals.

Track your progress and reports

Easily log sugar, BP, weight, medication, diet, exercise and see daily, weekly and monthly reports, effortlessly share with your doctor.

Build your routine

Plan your weekly routine with ease and be in total control of your diet, exercise and well being.

Healthcare Professionals

Deliver better health care, patient engagement and experience using SuperSehat. Optimize your schedule, improve brand awareness and patient loyalty.

Accurate patient data

Deeper insights into patient's day to day management of diabetes in the form of weekly and monthly reports.

Increase in patients and follow-ups

Easy subscription plans that ensure follow-ups and reduce drop out rates

Motivation and education

In-built mechanism to constantly motivate and re-educate patients on best practices and ways of diabetes management

Better treatment outcomes

Digital collaboration between patients, doctors, dieticians, and other caregivers results in elevated well - being of the patients


Exclusive features to help you breeze through your diabetes management with a quick tap.

Involve your loved ones

Add a family member and work together towards your health goals. Work as a team and get the much-needed motivation and support.

Integration with Google fit and Apple health kit

Easily connect and seamlessly integrate with fitness tracking devices and have your activity data on your fingertips.

Multilingual Support

Use the app in the language that comes naturally and effortlessly. We make it possible to use SuperSehat in your chosen language. Currently supports English and Hindi.

Shop for diabetic products

Buy all the diabetes essentials at discounted prices. A curated list of tried and tested products to support you in your journey.

Set reminders

Easily keep track of the medicines, sugar testing schedule and other activities throughout the day with easy to set reminders which are configurable as per your need.

Diabetes Resources

100s of articles, tips, and advice from our diabetic educators to answer all your questions.

Affordable Price

Super Sehat is free to download and use. Should you choose to make use of premium features like diet charts, recipes, report generation and sharing, exercise suggestions and guides, shopping and more, choose a subscription plan that works best for you. We have following package available currently:

Diabetes Resources

Discover diabetes related articles, tips, and health facts on our blog.

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