You must have heard from many that it’s good to have an early dinner and nothing after that..

But does it really help if you are a diabetic??

Have you ever woken up with symptoms of Hypoglycemia at midnight? And followed by high blood glucose reading the next morning ???


Throughout the day we are constantly providing the body with sources of carbohydrates (glucose) by having our breakfast, snacks, lunch, tea etc etc

For those who choose not to eat anything between dinner and breakfast the next morning, it becomes a 12-hour window of no carbohydrate entering the bloodstream.

As a result, you will experience a midnight Hypoglycemia (low sugar)

You might be wondering how can this lead to high sugars in the morning??

Our bodies have a unique system. Sensing this low blood glucose our body takes corrective action. The liver breaks down glycogen and releases some of its stored glucose into the bloodstream. More often, more glucose than needed is released into the bloodstream. As a result, your sugars shoot up the next morning.

Here’s how a bedtime snack helps:

A bedtime snack will shorten the window of time your body is going without carbohydrates.

Eating a snack with a combination of carbs and proteins will help glucose slowly be released at night. Thus your sugars do not drop down at midnight as well as you do not get rebound hyperglycemia the following morning.

Some bedtime snack ideas:

  1. A glass of cow’s milk.
  2. Apple and peanut butter.
  3. A handful of nuts and a cup of cow’s milk.
  4. Yoghurt with some berries
  5. Hard boiled egg white and cow’s milk

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