Management of diabetes includes not only aiming for good glycemic control but also monitoring for and managing risk factors for cardiovascular, renal, nerve and eye disease. The complications of diabetes are well known. People who have diabetes are generally advised to visit their doctors multiple times a year and also to see various specialists for early diagnosis and screening of any complications that arise. Many diabetes complications are preventable if they are found early with one of these routine tests.


Click below to download this annual checkup plan for diabetics.

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One Comment on “Important Health Checkups Every Diabetic Should Do + A Printable Guide

  • Swapan Mukherjee

    Posted onApril 12, 2019at4:53 pm

    I am suffering from macular oedima and NPDR at left eye. Underwent A centric Injection costing Rs.23 thousand at Susrut Eye Centre at Salt lake, on my left eye, but no result got. When the ophthalmologist advised for taking another injection, I declined. It has been their business to squeeze patients.


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