Diabetes! Even when we speak this word lot of questions comes under our mind, like
whether I have to take medication life long? Is it treatable? Etc. When it comes to answers,
different mouths and different statements. There are more than lakh videos which are out, and which claims that they can treat
Diabetes by following some quack remedies, but when we check authenticity, it is zero.

First, let us understand something about this disease –
What is Diabetes?
So firstly, Diabetes is not a disease anymore, but it is a disorder, which has been now
declared as lifestyle disorder as well.
Diabetes is a condition where the levels of sugar in the blood increases, which obstruct the
nerve functioning in the long run.

There are mainly two types of diabetes.
– Type 1 Diabetes – This type of diabetes occurs due to an autoimmune response.
Production of insulin hormone is not there; hence, one has to take the same in the form of
injections and also at times medicine is given, which is known as OHA (Oral hypoglycemic
agents). This type of diabetes usually occurs in children at a very early age, and sometimes it is
diagnosed in the late 30s and 40s, which is known as LADA – an underlying autoimmune disorder.

– Type 2 Diabetes – This type of diabetes occurs when there is insulin resistance, or
the function of insulin hormone is slightly disturbed, and the role of insulin is to control
blood sugar levels, and hence we need to give them OHA (Oral hypoglycemic agents)
at the starting stage and if not treated then Insulin injections as well.

Incidences when we get to know oh! We are diabetic!
1. Hereditary – It merely means that if in a family, someone has diabetes, there is a
high risk of getting this disorder as it can transfer through genes.
2. Gestational Diabetes – When a female is pregnant and suddenly during her
pregnancy, her sugar levels increases due to insulin resistance. It can treat and many
at times it gets normalize post-pregnancy as well.
3. Wound on your foot area – This usually happened when there is a long-term
uncontrolled blood sugar levels, it is also known as diabetic foot.Many times, you get admitted to the hospital for some surgery and procedure, and in a routine
check, diabetes gets detect.

3 Major Diabetes Complications
1. Diabetic Neuropathy – It is a type of nerve damage that occurs with high blood sugar
levels. It can injure the nerves functioning of the entire body.
1. More often, it affects your feet, and you can feel tingling and numbness in feet.
2. Diabetic Nephropathy – It is also known as diabetic kidney disease, and it can affect
the part of your kidney that helps in the filtering of blood.
3. Diabetic retinopathy – Here, in this condition, you can see redness in the eye and
also at times, bloodstains occur, and which can lead to vision loss.

A blood test which will help you manage your blood sugar levels –
Fasting sugar levels below 90 mg/dl is normal. A fasting blood sugar levels between 90 – 125
mg/dl is considered prediabetes. If the levels cross 126 mg/dl or higher, it is diabetes.
Other parameters which need to be check if the fastings are above 126 mg/dl are post-
lunch sugar levels and HbA1c (3 months average sugar levels.
3 Major symptoms of Diabetes
a) Excessive Hunger
b) Excessive Thirst
c) Excessive urination

Things to do when you get to know you have diabetes –
Immediately stop the direct consumption of simple sugars in your diet like sugar,
honey, jaggery, dextrose, saccharine etc.

  • Consult a well-qualified dietitian who can design a diabetic diet chart as per your
  • Which should be customized, and it will have high fibre, good quality carbohydrates,
    high protein and low fat.
  • Lifestyle modification where you will include 45 min of exercise/walk in your daily
  • You need to take proper sleep for 8 hrs as improper sleep can increase the blood
    sugar levels.
  • Start maintaining a glucose monitoring chart of a week to show to your doctor &
    health care professional.
  • Start noting down all your meals and quantities which will help you and your
    healthcare professional to make adequate changes in your diet.
    Things to avoid when you get to know you have diabetes –
  • Do not get panic and stress yourself which can lead to a rise in blood
    sugar levels
  •  Do not start searching the web for various home remedies and cure. You
    need to understand that diabetes is a disorder which you need to
    maintain by maintaining diet, exercise and lifestyle changes.
  • Do not listen to advises given by relatives and start ten superfoods at
    times as it can make you go in hypoglycemia (low sugar levels) which is
  • Do not begin self-treating yourself and starting self-medication and
  • Do not start consuming too excess of water as you never know what the
    condition of your kidneys.

Whenever we get to know we have any medical condition,
The first thing is to take a deep breath and accept the fact that it has come to you,
Then start analyzing where you went wrong in managing your health. Prepare the points
and which will help you discuss thoroughly with your healthcare professional.

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